TIB Advantages  


Independent advice: As a professional insurance broker, we are totally independent, and work in the best interests of our clients –offering unbiased advice and securing the most appropriate and cost-effective insurance cover. Such independence really counts in the case of a dispute, since we are ableto defend our clients without any conflict of interest.

Insurance expertise: As one of the first professional insurance brokers in Saudi Arabia, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of all technical aspects of insurance. This means we have the expertise to ‘decipher the small print’ –interpreting the wording, exclusion clauses and conditions of policies, and adding new clauses as appropriate –to ensure that they are best suited to the insurance needs and risk profiles of our clients.

Industry knowledge: Over the years, we have developed a thorough knowledge of the key commercial and industrial sectors in Saudi Arabia; and continuously keep up to date with the latest market developments and trends. By fully understanding the nature of our clients’ businesses and their associated risks, we are able to offer the most pertinent advice and arrange the most relevant insurance cover.

Tailor-made solutions: Unlike many insurance companies and agents, we do not provide clients with off-the-shelf standard policies. Instead, we develop innovative customized solutions that are based on the business needs and risk profiles of our clients, to ensure the most appropriate space protection.

Negotiating the best deal: Due to our thorough knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s insurance industry, we are able to advise on which insurance companies are bestsuited to meet a client’s specific needs, and obtain the best rates for existing and potential clients. This is very important, given that the Kingdom’s insurance market is very young compared with developed countries, has only been regulated for the past 7 years, and is extremely price-oriented. Our recommendations are based on ranking providers by premiums, claims adjustment, prompt settlement and other key criteria, to ensure the most appropriate quotes, terms and rates.

Managing risk: In light of today’s volatile market conditions, effective risk management is a critical component of a company’s strategic business model. We arrange a comprehensive risk survey of a client's assets or business to be conducted by an independent qualified engineer. This results in recommendations on minimizing probable risk occurrence and reducing losses in case of an accident.

Personal service: Large or small, we treat all clients with the same degree of high quality, personalized, confidential, trustworthy and independent services. We establish enduring relationships based on mutual trust and respect through which to deliver long term value to our clients. As a result of this approach, we enjoy one of the highest client retention rates in the Saudi insurance industry of over 50 percent.

Reliability and transparency: Since inception, we have developed a solid reputation for the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, and space the respect and loyalty of our clients and insurance companies. As such, we are recognized as a reliable and trustworthy source of insurance brokerage and riskmanagement services.

Global best practice: As well as complying fully with the local rules and regulations of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, we also adopt the highest international standards and global best practice pertaining to insurance and risk management. This is supported by our own professional code of conduct, which governs all our activities and our relationships with all stakeholders.

Peace of mind All the reasons above for choosing TIB combine to provide our clients with the utmost peace of mind. With the space and effective insurance cover in place, they can rest assured that they are comprehensively protected against any unforeseen risks. God forbid, should an accident or loss occur, they also know that we will manage the processing of their claims to achieve the optimum compensation in the quickest possible time.